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Thiru Neermalai - Sri Neervanna Perumal Temple

The Deities of Thiru Neermalai Temple

Sri Neervannar - Utsavar There are two temples found for this Sthalam. One temple is found on the Foot-hill and another on the top of the mountain.
Foot Hill Temple
Perumal : Sri Neervanna Perumal. Also called as "Neel Mughil Vannan". He is found in Nindra ThirukKolam facing His ThiruMugham towards East Direction.

The Thayaar : Sri Animaamalar Mangai Thayar.

Mountain Temple

Sri Animaamalar Mangai Thayar
Perumal : Sri Santha Narasimhar (Irundhan). He is found in Veetrirundha (sitting) posture facing His ThiruMugham towards East Direction.
Along with Him, Sri Trivikrama Perumal (Nadanthan) in standing posture, Sri Ranganathar (Kidanthan) in Manickka Sayana Thirukkolam are found.

The Thayaar : Sri Aranga Nayaki Thayar in separate sannadhi is found.

Other Sannadhis of Thiru Neermalai Divyadesam

  1. Sri Ramar Sannadhi.
  2. Sri Ranganathar Sannadhi.
  3. Sri Ulagalantha Perumal Sannadhi.
  4. Alwars Sannadhi.
  5. Sri Andal Sannadhi.

Specialities of Thiru Neermalai Divyadesam

Sri Neervannar - Utsavar
  1. The Perumal shows His seva in four different forms - Nindra, Iruntha, Kidantha and Nadanthan.

  2. In this temple Muni Valmiki workshipped Kidantha (Aranganathan), Iruntha (Narasimar), Nadantha (Thiruvikraman) Kolangal.

  3. After worshipping, Valmiki Munivar wanted to get the Dharshan of Lord Rama. Knowing this, Lord Ranganthar gave darshan as Lord Rama, Lakshmi as Seetha Piratti, Aadisesha as Lakshman, Sangu as Chatrukanan, Chakram as Bharatha, Vishwaksenar as Sugreevan and Garudan as Hanuman.

  4. Since the place (Temple) is surrounded by water, it is called as Thiru Neer Malai.

  5. When Thirumangai Alwar came to make the darshan here, & since the mountain is surrounded by water, he waited for six months to see and workship the god. From then, this divyadesam was known as Neer Malai. This is also one amoung the histroy, the place were he stayed is called as Thiru Mangai Alwar Puram.

Mangalasasanam done on Thiru Neermalai Divyadesam

  1. Thirumangai Alwar - 19 Paasurams.
  2. Bhoodathalwar - 1 Paasuram.

Pushkarani (theertham) of Thiru Neermalai Divyadesam


There are four Pushkaranies.
Manikarnika includes Kshri, Karunya, Sittha and Swarna Pushkarani (four theertham)
1. Kshri Pushkarani for Sri Kidantha Perumal.
2. Karunya Pushkarani for Sri Nindra Perumal.
3. Sittha Pushkaranifor Sri Ulangalantha Perumal.
4. Swarna Pushkaranifor Sri Veetruntha Paramapatha Emperuman.

Vimaanam of Thiru Neermalai Divyadesam

  1. Thoyagiri

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